Erotic photography on Limited Edition giclée prints

There's no better way to wellcome a new year than preparing a limited edition fineart prints order for overseas. This time my client chose 100% cotton paper Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308 gsm. At first sight, erotic photography showing explicit sex might seem not much appropiate to be exhibited in public, but actually, if produced with technical excellence and the [...]

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Air show “Festa al Cel” Mataró 2015

Here are some pics from the air show that was performed in Mataró (Barcelona) the last moth of September. Most of them were taken by Nikon D800 and Nikkor lenses 70-200mm. f/2.8 VR and 300mm. f/2.8, without focal multiplier. I took advantage of the high resolution of the D800, so I could crop some of them, though. [...]

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“Això no és tot” in the media

  Ràdio Televisió de Calella El Tot Mataró Jesús Coll, photographer born in Mataró (Barcelona), exhibits in the tenth Festival of the Image of Calella: Festimatge 2015, from 4 to 26 April. Festimatge wants to be the meeting point for lovers of cinema and photography. The Coll [...]

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Opening ready for Festimatge 2015

Very satisfied mounting “Això no és tot” for the exhibition in Ajuntament Vell of Calella, on the occasion of Festimatge 2015. Fine Art Photographs on Festimatge 2015 event to be held in Calella (Barcelona), to 26th April 2015. There are 90 images, some in large format, covering several subjects as landscapes, portraits or nudes, mostly [...]

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“AIXÒ NO ÉS TOT” Festimatge 2015 photo exhibition

Photographic Exhibition by Jesus Coll at Festimatge 2015 to be held in Calella (Barcelona), from 4 to 26 April 2015. There will be 90 images, some in large format covering several subjects as landscapes, portraits or nudes, mostly in black and white, but also included some in color. They have been printed on Giclee fine [...]

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Photoshop by Adobe celebrates 25 years !!!

It seems like yesterday ... but last Friday the most popular graphics editing software turned 25 years old. Not even Thomas Knoll, creator of Photoshop, could have imagined the degree of sophistication attained, or to think of relegating to the trunk of memories, other great professional graphic editing softwares like LivePicture. Shantanu Narayen, president of Adobe, stated: [...]

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Trip to Normandy and Bretagne, France

Below I enclose some pictures of the interesting trip to Normandy and Brittany, France recently I made. The region is worth a visit, as its historical legacy in the final outcome of  World War II and the variety of museums devoted to this topic so requires. The photographic opportunities are numerous, with its beautiful scenery, variegated shores [...]

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Do not ask technical questions to the Bowens Spanish technical service !!!

My recent experience with Bachimport, company located in Barcelona, Spanish representative and importer of the British, professional lighting brand, Bowens, is as follows: For some time, when charging the battery of my Bowens Explorer 1500, it did not load properly, to the point that it no longer loaded at all. I think that everybody knows [...]

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