Old Cadillac, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 2017-03-24T10:10:09+00:00

Project Description

Fine Art Black and White Photography

Old Cadillac, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
ID: 1G0152

Camera: 4×5″ Cambo
Lens: Schneider 150mm. f/5.6
Film: Agfa-Pan
ISO: 25
Expoure: ca. 300 sec.  f/: 16
Developed: Acutol
Date: 09/1985


This is my first photograph made with a view camera in America. For me it is full of nostalgia, because it could be considered as a dream come true.

In those early years, my technique was very basic and night photography unknown.

The negative is somewhat underexposed and somewhat overdeveloped, still, thanks to digital technology has been able to reach the current result.

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