My recent experience with Bachimport, company located in Barcelona, Spanish representative and importer of the British, professional lighting brand, Bowens, is as follows:

For some time, when charging the battery of my Bowens Explorer 1500, it did not load properly, to the point that it no longer loaded at all.

I think that everybody knows that batteries are not forever. There comes a day when they die. So, in my humble opinion, what happened to my Explorer 1500 is that the battery had died as it no longer charge any more, so it was time to replace it.

To avoid unnecessary trips to Barcelona (I’m 30 Km. away), rule out the possibility of contact with any professional shop in Barcelona, since I was certain that they would not have  a new battery and should place an order, request a deposit, etc …

I thought, naive of me, that if I went directly to the source (in Spain), that is, Bachimport, perhaps in a simple displacement corroborate my suspicions that the battery was dead, before buy them a new battery, as they also sell retail.


My phone call to them  -before visiting-, was confusing and disappointing. They insisted that I should leave my generator with them to diagnose the problem, etc, etc, … I insisted that my generator worked perfectly, that I just wanted to aquire a new battery and if they could confirm the “death” of my battery. No way to talk to a technician that corroborated my suspicion or showing their experience, confirming that yes, the batteries after a certain time, “die”, etc … The person who answered the phone, appeared to be in his position to say “send us the material and we will check” rather than deal with any other queries.

Conversation became even more surreal when they told me they had no batteries on stock! Obviously, I wanted a new battery, but they did not propose any solution. I would have been happy to hear: “do not worry, we will order a new battery, and we’ll let you know when we receive it, in order you pick it up.”

I found it quite incredible that the Spain general dealer did not have on stock standard spare batteries for the Explorer 1500. I would understand that they did not have on stock the super battery “Heavy Duty” which has a far higher cost, but the standard battery, which costs 250 € and that all users of the Explorer 1500 should have at least one spare (?)

Also in that conversation, I was asked where I had purchased the generator. When I answer, that in USA, there was a disturbing silence. I thought I had become the devil for a moment. From there, everything went buts … Oh, but the warranty does not cover … Oh, but if you bought it abroad … Is not Bachimport even aware that the world is global? Moreover, at no time I mentioned the word guarantee, because I wanted to pay for the purchase.

In a couple of days from the phone conversation, I received a friendly email, confirming that if I needed to use the service, had to send them my generator, informing me of the cost of a new battery and € 16.50  shipping costs per 30 Km trip.

If you ever need the Spanish Bowens service, make some research on the net and you will find other professional services in countries where the concept of serving the customer is totally different from Spain.

Finally, I decided to buy a new battery from an online European shop, which is located in a country where the VAT tax is higher than in Spain and still the price is 1.00 euro cheaper than the Spanish wholesale. They even sent it to Spain for free !!! Total Score: 17.50 € cheaper than in Spain, fulfilling a higher VAT rate and having made a journey of over 1500 kilometers.

PS.: The generator works seamlessly and the new battery charges without incident, thanks Bachimport for making me save these 17.50 euros.