Erotic photography on Limited Edition giclée prints

There’s no better way to wellcome a new year than preparing a limited edition fineart prints order for overseas. This time my client chose 100% cotton paper Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308 gsm.

At first sight, erotic photography showing explicit sex might seem not much appropiate to be exhibited in public, but actually, if produced with technical excellence and the intention of beauty, it becomes that single piece of art that distinguishes any given exclusive private club.

View + erotic photography here

To order erotic photography that it is not visible on the onlineshop, just go to “Custom Print Orders” and choose the ID number of the image you are interested in from the drop down menu. Every print is issued with its Authenticity Certificate with hologram by Hahnemühle.

Hahnemühle authenticity certificates with security fibers and hologram, escort each limited edition print.

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