The only prints that are issued under a limited number, are the ones displayed under FineArt.

slide-home-10These images are produced by giclée technology, on fineart 100% cotton paper (depending on your choice) and are characterized by the high quality and detail provided, as well as its high archival permanence over a century.

These prints show the first number as the order in the edition and after a slash the maximum number of prints that will be issued on that particular size.

These limited editions may be issued on custom sizes, specially the ones in panorama format, but as a general rule they are issued as follow:

Rectangular Format
40×50 cm. (16×20″)
 15 copies
56×71 cm. (22×28″) 10 copies

Square Format
71×71 cm. (28×28″) 10 copies

The measures shown are the total paper size, where image size will be somehow smaller.

Although some classic baryta prints may have been sold ​​in the past, do not expect to receive high edition numbers. Some of the images have never been purchased so many works continue to be exclusive for collectors.

These prints are delivered with certificate of authenticity and hologram by Hahnemühle.


Aproximate  proportions of hologram, signature and editon of a 56×71 cm. (22×28 in) fineprint.




The images categorized as Special Edition are issued in a maximum number of 125 units and are popular priced with the purpose to make fineart photography affordable.

These images are also accompanied by the certificate of authenticity and hologram by Hahnemühle.