"Sea Of Sand"

Print at M size 22×28 inches

Reviewing old negatives, sometimes I discover little treasures that were “discarded” at that time for one or another reason.

This time I re-discovered this wonder that I surely think it was discarded because it needed some cropping, despite having used a 300 mm. telephoto lens. The large 4×5 inches negative was full of information and after a high resolution RAW scan and some fine editing work, I came out with the image presented.

After the request by an American collector, interested in acquiring one of my works, I proposed quite a large number of images which included the one that this article goes about. I am very happy that his final decission was for this re-discovered: “Sea Of Sand

It was printed on Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique paper, for the wide range, deep blacks and increase in detail it provides.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity included with the print

Identification, signature & hologram at the back of the photograph

Sea Of Sand, Great Sand Dunes Natl. Park, Colorado, USA”