Digital Wet Collodion in the “analog” festival Revela-T 2015

Tatanka Iyotake, South Dakota, USA, ca.1888 Reviewing the list of exhibitions at the Revela-T 2015 event, dedicated entirely to the "analogue photography" caught my interest the exhibition "Collodionists Worldwide". A promising exhibition by the variety of works and countries represented, and a reason to congratulate the organizers to collect so many works [...]

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“Això no és tot” in the media

  Ràdio Televisió de Calella El Tot Mataró Jesús Coll, photographer born in Mataró (Barcelona), exhibits in the tenth Festival of the Image of Calella: Festimatge 2015, from 4 to 26 April. Festimatge wants to be the meeting point for lovers of cinema and photography. The Coll [...]

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Opening ready for Festimatge 2015

Very satisfied mounting “Això no és tot” for the exhibition in Ajuntament Vell of Calella, on the occasion of Festimatge 2015. Fine Art Photographs on Festimatge 2015 event to be held in Calella (Barcelona), to 26th April 2015. There are 90 images, some in large format, covering several subjects as landscapes, portraits or nudes, mostly [...]

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“AIXÒ NO ÉS TOT” Festimatge 2015 photo exhibition

Photographic Exhibition by Jesus Coll at Festimatge 2015 to be held in Calella (Barcelona), from 4 to 26 April 2015. There will be 90 images, some in large format covering several subjects as landscapes, portraits or nudes, mostly in black and white, but also included some in color. They have been printed on Giclee fine [...]

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Pics from the exhibition in San Francisco, USA

Here you have some pictures from the exhibition in San Francisco. Unfortunately I could not travel to SF :( as it was a remarkable event, but who knows if it will be a source of future contacts. Photos by Hanna Quevedo Peter Keresztury -organizador del evento-, conversando con el público  

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Exhibition in San Francisco, USA

Some of my works will soon travel to the United States, specifically to San Francisco because of the "Erotic Art Exhibition" to be held in this city next September. The show will feature 35 artists in photography, painting and sculpture and will take place in the gallery of The Artist Alley downtown. More information: [...]

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Finalist in contest “Premi Fotografia Caixa Terrassa”

I do not usually get into contests, but my mind gets nut from time to time and a 6,000.00 euros prize makes me change my relucantly to do so. Winning a contest is usually a lucky matter. This time I was very close, but not lucky enough. I must admit, though, the winner and most [...]

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