Route 66 (west)

After a long time (20 years) without putting my step on America, we decided to travel along my family through the mythical Route-66 on the western states of New Mexico, Arizona, (Nevada) and California. "photographers are pretty good liers..." The myth of this route, I think it lies more in our subconscious, than in [...]

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Digital Wet Collodion in the “analog” festival Revela-T 2015

Tatanka Iyotake, South Dakota, USA, ca.1888 Reviewing the list of exhibitions at the Revela-T 2015 event, dedicated entirely to the "analogue photography" caught my interest the exhibition "Collodionists Worldwide". A promising exhibition by the variety of works and countries represented, and a reason to congratulate the organizers to collect so many works [...]

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Problem with Harman by Hahnemühle Gloss Baryta

The word "professional" could be synonymous with a quality product, intended to be used by "professionals or people who knows..."   I have always been pleased with customer service received by Hahnemühle, specially by Spanish representative HelloArt. But this time, Hahnemühle-Dassel has let me down by an incomprehensive approach. I am a regular, [...]

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Wide angle Nikon Nikkor 18mm F/3.5 Ai-S review

I've always been tempted to buy the acclaimed Nikon 12-24mm f/2.8, but its volume, weight, high cost and most importantly, the inability to use filters in a natural way without using complex and expensive gadgets have made me give up that goal. My research on the net made ​​me discover the Nikon 18mm f/3.5, [...]

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Do not ask technical questions to the Bowens Spanish technical service !!!

My recent experience with Bachimport, company located in Barcelona, Spanish representative and importer of the British, professional lighting brand, Bowens, is as follows: For some time, when charging the battery of my Bowens Explorer 1500, it did not load properly, to the point that it no longer loaded at all. I think that everybody knows [...]

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