Project Description

(Unfinished sculpture by Perecoll on Finished Photograph by Jesus Coll)
ID: 1G0402

Assignment for an exhibition poster

Camera: 4×5″ Cambo
Lens: Schneider 150mm. f/5.6
Film: Tri-X
ISO: 160
Exposure: ca. 5 seg.  f/: 16
Developer: Kodak D23 + water bath
Date: ca. 1990

*Water Bath

This kind of developing is used to obtain a large dynamic range of high-contrast scenes.

The film is introduced in a soft Metol based developer for a very short period (30 to 60 seconds), followed by gentle wiping and passing the film to an alkaline water solution.

While the film lies in the alkaline solution (in 3-5 minutes), the dark parts (transparent in the negative) continue developing their action, while highlights (dark areas in the negative) the developer  impregnated in the emulsion, sooner stops its action.

This process can be repeated two to three times, but always with a dilute acetic acid bath to stop the action of alkaline water bath, and a subsequent rinse before re-entering the film into the developer and achieves full information negative, reducing contrast drastically.

Unfortunately, this process does not work correctly with all emulsions and almost ensure that it is not possible to do with modern fine grain T emulsions.