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To get a Fine Print, it is a creative culmination of a long and thoughtful process. The election of the subject to photograph, the lens used, the distance, the cropping to isolate it from the rest, or to decide in what densities of gray one wishes to render each color of the real world, are subjective and meditated decisions. Once the photograph has been taken, either in analog negative or in digital RAW file, it is carefully worked on the computer, to recreate the visualization experienced in front of the subject at the time of exposure, performing “dodgins” and “burnings” “to reach an harmonic balance.

From this point on, one goes to the no less laborious process of giclée printing …, color tests and refined controls to obtain the most expressive Fine Print. Giclée printing is an state of the art technology and internationally recognized art reproduction system, which provides the finest detail rendering and widest dynamic range and a permanence of more than 100 years. All images are personally printed by the author and therefore signed and identified on the back, including Certificate of Authenticity.

Except for some panoramic proportions, the sizes are those indicated in the lower list. Image size is approximate and may vary according to the proportion of the image. Paper size is always the same for the SX, S and M categories. In the L and XL categories, the total paper size may vary depending on the proportionality of the image.

We are so confident that you will be pleased with the quality of Jesus Coll – Fine Art Photography, that we offer a refund of your purchase if you are not 100% satisfied.

Limited Edition

Every image edition is limited to a maximum of 33 prints and 5 A/P, all sizes inclusive.


We may ship the prints framed by a professional, matted in natural white, neutral PH or alkaline buffered, museum quality mat board,  100% cotton barrier paper, natural maple wood frame and conservation foam back.

For security reasons, we do not send works framed with glass. We can send them without front protection (to be made later by the purchaser) or in glossy, optical clear, without color cast, Plexiglass® with UV protection.

We will always try customize each request at our best.


Unframed prints are normally shipped in less than five days. Prints to be matted and framed are normally shipped in less than three weeks.


Following chart shows sizes of rectangular and square images, as well as number of limited edition prints on each size.


Image Size (aprox.)

Paper Size (inches)

 Edition Max.

( * )

XS   8x11 " 14x17 " 5 400 €
S   11x14 " 16x20 " 10 600 €
M   16x20 " 22x28 " 10 900 €
L   26x34 " 36x44 " 5 2500 €
XL   34x46 " 44x56 " 3 4200 €
S   11x11 " 16x20 " 20 600 €
M   22x22 " 28x28 " 10 1200 €
L   34x34 " 44x44 " 3 3500 €

( * ) 

These are starting prices without framing. The price increases as the number of copies available in the edition decreases.

Shipping costs

Shipping is free for EU countries. Rest of the world please ask.


If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase, you can return the print during the seven days following the date of receipt of the order, as far as we receive it in perfect condition and in its original packaging. Before sending any package back to us, please let us know it by email, first. Once we receive the package, we will proceed to reimburse the amount paid, with the exception of shipping costs (if any) within the following five business days.

We recommend you to contract transportation insurance for returning back the print, as we won’t be able to reinburse the total amount if damages are made during transport.


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